Where Does the Money Go?

2016 Expenditure: €1,770,503

Total expenditure for 2016 amounted to €1,770,503; this was a decrease on the previous year’s expenditure of €1,837,614. The decrease is due to the slight decrease in the number of clients we served. In 2015 we provided services to 467 people living with MND whereas this number reduced slightly to 456 in 2016

The majority of funds raised from our generous donors and supporters go towards providing services to people with Motor Neurone Disease.  These main services include provision of specialised aids & equipment, provision of home help & respite services and provision of three MND nurses who visit our clients on a daily basis. We do not receive any statutory funding for our nursing posts.

The IMNDA accounts are audited in March each year; accounts for 2016 are now available to download below.

In 2016 the association raised just over €1.7 million gross income. This money was raised from our IMNDA supporters, the general public and funding received from the HSE. The Association receives a revenue grant from the HSE each month to support administrative salaries. A total of 17% of our gross income came from the Government and the remaining 82% comes from fundraising.

In 2016, 62% of our expenditure went on client services and 16% was spent on our nursing service, which meant that 78% of all spending went directly on our support services.

The breakdown of funds raised can be seen from our accounts please feel free to download our current accounts for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016. Please also have a look at our Financial Statements for 2016 below.

We hope we have given you an open, honest and fair reflection of how our funds are spent.

Download Audited Accounts 2013
Download Financial Statements December 2012
Download Audited Accounts 2011

Download Financial Statements December 2014 Download Financial Statements December 2015 Download Audited Accounts December 2015 Download Audited Accounts December 2016




Employees Remuneration for 2016 :

The average number of monthly employees for 2016 is 10

The number of employees with remuneration for the year 2016 falling within the:

Salary Band of:                                                  No of people for 2016                   

20,001 – 30,001                                                                  1

30,001 – 40,001                                                                  3

40,001 – 50,001                                                                  2

50,001 – 60,001                                                                  3

70,001 – 82,001                                                                  1

For any more queries or questions relating to our Accounts please email info@imnda.ie or contact 018730422