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100K in August

July 27th, 2022

Hello, My name is Orlagh Reynolds and I am a Director at Hays Recruitment, wife to Fraser and
mother to Oonagh. Today I want to share a personal story, on the 24th of May 2022 my world
fell apart as I sat holding my husbands hand while a neurologist told us that Fraser had MND
( Motor Neurone Disease) and as there is no cure, his life expectancy was 2 to 5 years! These
things you always think happen to other people, but now this nightmare came knocking on
our door.

So why am I posting this today, well in a very short period of time I have seen a drastic decline
in my husband’s mobility. Going for a walk is no longer a thing we can do as a family, now
when my daughter holds his hand it serves two actions, one to tell her daddy she loves him
and two to give him support! This has made me think how we as people can sometimes take
for granted the idea of a walk or run and how lucky we truly are. This was the catalyst to
challenge myself whilst raising much needed funds for the IMNDA (Irish Motor Neurone
Disease Association).

I want to run a 100km over the month of August, this is a huge
challenge for me personally with hope that I will raise €18,000. Since the diagnosis the IMNDA
have given us so much support and without them this horrible journey would have been very
lonely. They are involved with funding research, supporting families with counselling, and all
the logistical things that you need or you don’t even realise you may need.
A lot of people have asked what can I do to help, fundraising gives us purpose and hope, so
you can donate on my page or you too can run/walk a 100km for August. As it stand Motor
Neurone Disease is incurable condition that causes the progressive degeneration of the nerve
cells that control the muscles. Together lets eradicate this terrible disease!
So please donate or message me to join this challenge

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