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27th Annual International ALS/MND Symposium

March 11th, 2016

27th Annual International Symposium for ALS/MND is coming to Dublin!

The International Alliance holds the Annual Alliance Meeting to provide a forum for member associations to meet and share advances in supporting people living with ALS/MND. It is an excellent opportunity for representatives of ALS/MND associations to discuss organisational development and planning, patient care, and funding, as well as the role and activities of the International Alliance and its Board of Directors.

As an addendum to the Alliance Meeting, we invite the host association to organise a free, open Ask The Experts event, which allows local people living with ALS/MND and their carers attend an afternoon of presentations by ALS/MND experts and then participate in a question and answer session. Ask The Experts takes places on the afternoon of the second day of the Alliance Meeting.

  • Allied Health Professionals Forum

The International Alliance also holds the annual Allied Health Professionals Forum. The APF functions as an educational and training forum for healthcare professionals who work with ALS/MND. This forum offers health care providers from around the world an opportunity to share ideas on good practice in the daily management of people with ALS/MND. Every year, this meeting is generously supported by The ALS Hope Foundation.

  • International Symposium on ALS/MND

Both the Annual Alliance Meeting and the APF coincide with the International Symposium on ALS/MND, an annual event organised by our colleagues at the MND Association of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Symposium is the single largest medical and scientific conference on ALS/MND.

For more information, visit www.mndassociation.org/symposium.

The 2016 Alliance Meeting, Allied Health Professionals Forum and Symposium will be held at the Convention Centre in Dublin, Ireland. This year’s meetings are hosted by the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association (IMNDA).

For a full list of suitable hotels for the symposium please see the MND Association’s website: http://www.mndassociation.org/research/international-symposium/hotel-information/

Please note that hotel rooms are available on a first come, first served basis. Book early to guarantee your spot!

  • 24th Annual Alliance Meeting

Registration for the 2016 Meeting will open soon. The Annual Meeting of the International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations brings together ALS/MND associations from around the world to share initiatives and develop strategies for fighting ALS/MND and serving people who live with the disease. Attendance is encouraged for all Alliance members, and people living with ALS/MND are welcomed as participants or observers.

The Ask The Experts session will be organised by the IMNDA, and information can be found here or on our website imnda.ie as soon as the experts are confirmed.

The Alliance Meeting immediately precedes the 14th Allied Health Professionals Forum and the 27th International Symposium on ALS/MND.  The Alliance Meeting schedule is as follows:

  • 3 December 2016 – Alliance Board of Directors Meeting (Board of Directors only)
  • 4 December 2016 – Annual General Meeting – for Alliance members only
  • 4-5 December 2016 – Annual Alliance Meeting – for Alliance members only
  • 5 December 2016 (afternoon) – Ask The Experts – for the general public

14th Annual Allied Health Professionals Forum (APF)

Registration for the 2016 APF will open in June.  The Allied Health Professionals Forum is focused on practice and experience for health professionals in the care and support of people living with ALS/MND. During the APF, health professionals from around the globe come together to share their practical knowledge and experiences, with a mission to improve the quality of care for people living with ALS/MND worldwide.

27th Annual International Symposium on ALS/MND

The 27th Annual International Symposium on ALS/MND is organised by the MND Association of England, Wales and Northern Ireland in cooperation with the International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations.

The International Symposium on ALS/MND is a unique annual event which brings together leading international researchers as well as health and social care professionals to present and debate key innovations in their respective fields.

The Symposium is planned as two parallel meetings, one on biomedical science and the other on research and advances in the care and management of people affected by ALS/MND. Joint sessions consider issues of mutual concern, challenging current views and practice.

For information about the Symposium, or to learn about submitting an abstract, visit the Motor Neurone Disease Association’s website: http://www.mndassociation.org/research/International+Symposium/

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