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IMNDA Strategic Plan

At the IMNDA, we dream of a world without Motor Neurone Disease. Until that dream is realised, we have to help those who get that devastating diagnosis.

In everything we do, the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association (IMNDA) considers the person first.


What do you need?

When can we see you? How can we help?

Our new three year strategic plan is designed to ensure that the organisation will be able to deal with the future needs of people living with MND, and offer all appropriate supports in their hour of need.

We prepared this Strategic Plan following a structured review of our work under our previous plan and consultation process with our Board and staff.

Most importantly, we asked the community which benefit from our services and supports.

Informed by the results of this process we have three strategic priorities for the next three years.  This a continuance of our work with a deepened emphasis on connecting with, and responding to, the needs of people living with MND.

There are three key strategies

Strategic Priority One

Support People living with MND

Strategic Priority Two

Connect & Communicate about MND

Strategic Priority Three

Strengthen our Organisational Presence and Capacity

Following the consultation process, IMNDA has created a new Information and Support Office role. This new position will act as a point of contact for people living with MND and their families as they deal with the many challenges arising from a diagnosis. This newly appointed staff member with work closely with our team of specialised MND nurses and services staff, and provide both support and advice by telephone and email.

We know that our work is valued by people living with MND.  Through our research, you told us that you appreciate:

  • Our presence and knowing that our team care and react to their needs
  • Our support, through our dedicated nursing care, provision of equipment, information and advocacy
  • Our empathy and understanding of MND and how it can affect lives
  • The hope, support and encouragement that we bring to the lives of people with MND and their families

As a result, every member of the IMNDA organisation is committed to continuing that work;

  • To be person centered, focus on the person living with MND, their families and carers
  • To support people with MND, through all our vital services, nursing care, equipment, information and support
  • To strengthen our communication at all stages of the disease
  • To raise awareness and be the place to go to for all matters relating to MND
  • To be an encouraging presence offering authentic information, reassurance and hope for those living with MND

The levels of support from the State, while welcome, only go some of the way towards funding the service needs of IMNDA. The vast majority of our fundraising comes from our MND community, without whom we would not be able to function. You trust us with your donations – and we will continue to be fully transparent in how that money is spent.

Our intention is to continue to be a well-governed, well administered charity that is guided by and meets good governance standards.  The purpose is to build our capacity and resilience to advance our work in response to the needs of people living with MND, their families and carers.

We will do this by being a source of constant support for people living with MND, their families and carers from diagnosis and throughout their journey.

To see more please download a copy of our Strategic Plan or email to receive a copy by post.