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A Message from IMNDA CEO Roisin Duffy

April 14th, 2020


Cocooning, isolation, social-distancing, new-norm, restrictions, unprecedented and uncertain. Words and phrases that up to a few short weeks ago were rarely used – if at all. Words that have now become second nature to everyone in Ireland, and indeed around the globe, as we come to terms with Covid-19 and its devastating effects on our daily lives. 

Today, we only have to open an email, a text or turn on the TV or radio to find these words scattered through every sentence along with daily statistics and percentages.

Staying home is hard, especially when the sun is shining and we are generally starved of it for most of the year. But we can still enjoy it, once we stay within our 2km radius and do what we so desperately need to do to stop the spread.

Over the last few weeks, I have been blown away by the resilience of our MND Community, many of whom have been cocooning for well over a month at this stage. Many are scared, very scared and rightly so, but many have told us that they are using this time to appreciate their loves ones, appreciate nature and be grateful for everything that they still have in their lives. And that’s a great outlook to have at this present time.   

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A special mention to our resilient family carers. This is a job that has no clock in and clock out time. It’s 24/7. I can’t even imagine how the country would function without you. You are bridging a gap in services like no other and you are true heroes.

Like every other business around the country, we have had to adapt to new ways of working – and do it quickly. And for this I would like to thank each and every one of the amazing team in IMNDA, both staff and Board. No person is more important than the other – everyone is giving it 100% because everyone believes in our mission and in what we stand for. We might not be able to do things quite as efficiently as we would like right now, but trust me when I say we will move mountains when needed to ensure all our community is safe and well looked after.

And finally, to all the healthcare workers across the country, no matter how small a part you are playing, we thank you for your selfless work. To everyone in the HSE and the Department of Health for keeping us up to date on a daily basis we also thank you for your on-going commitment to keeping the nation informed and less anxious as a result.

Please continue to stay in and stay safe. And remember, although we’re in isolation we don’t want anyone to feel isolated. If you need us our Emergency out of hours number is 087 439 3213. You can also email any concerns you have about MND and Covid-19 to MNDADVICE@gmail.com and one of our medical colleagues will get straight back to you.


Stay safe everyone.

Roisin Duffy,

Chief Executive



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