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Andy McGovern turns 90!

February 14th, 2023

“I feel blessed”

“Ninety years on this earth is a blessing that I treasure and appreciate deeply. Daily I rise with the morning sun. I never fail to admire the beauty of the scene before my eyes as I look out of my kitchen window overlooking the beautiful village of Cloone.  I can see, from the landscape, Cavan,  Fermanagh, Sligo, Roscommon, Leitrim, and Longford.


The knees where once my children and grandchildren climbed upon are now tugged at by my growing little great-grandchildren. I am surrounded by blessings in this peaceful spot that I am so lucky to call home.  Weekly and indeed sometimes twice weekly I drink from the fountain of humanity which is my local pub.  The Dugout Bar, Aughavas.  With my back to the wall, I’m fit to give as good as I get and hold my own with the best of them. Crystal-clear memories which I can erect at the drop of a hat can deliver much humour and laughter in one swift swoop. I thrive on human connections, wit and laughter, and companionship.


The computer in my sitting room brings the outside world right into my home.  With the tap of a button, friends and relations from all over the globe are right there with me.  At ninety years of age, it is natural to look back and reflect on old times, old days, old ways, and the much-loved family and friends which I have lost along the way. Daily I think of them, saying silent prayers for their departed souls. 


Then I focus on the present, knowing that each day is a gift that I am blessed to be given to enjoy.  I’m grateful for the happiness in my life. I don’t know what tomorrow holds, it’s not guaranteed for any of us. I leave it to take care of itself. So, on I journey, greeting and appreciating each day, until the day when the Good Lord calls a halt to my gallop. Until then, I will continue to reach out to other disabled friends, sharing with them all of the hope and support which lies in my heart. My simple wish is that the ripple of my smile will continue long after I am gone……


Thanks to everyone for the birthday gifts and greetings.  I will live for the moment: “What’s Another Year.” 🙂

Andy McGovern.  Today’s longest survivor of Motor Neuron Disease in the world.  (A trophy that I could well do without.)


Andy 90th Birthday Scaled

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