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Care for Caregivers: online study for families and friends of people living with MND

June 9th, 2020

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For many people living with MND, family and friends play a huge role. Supporting a loved one living with MND can be a very rewarding experience. Caregiving can also bring challenges. These include coping with the diagnosis of MND and the feelings it may bring up, such as sadness and worry about the future. Other challenges include dealing with changes in family life due to the condition.

For several years, the MND team at Beaumont Hospital, together with the Academic Unit of Neurology at Trinity College, have been looking at caregivers’ and families’ experience of supporting a loved one with MND. We have come to an understanding of the rewards and challenges involved in caregiving.

We have developed a study that aims to help families, caregivers and friends of people with MND through taking part in structured groups. The groups involve a weekly online meeting over six to eight weeks. They offer a chance to meet other caregivers in a similar position. The groups also offer a chance to learn new skills such as how to cope with difficult feelings, as well as tips for self-care. The study is being conducted by Professor Niall Pender, Principal Clinical Neuropsychologist, and Professor Orla Hardiman, Consultant Neurologist, and their teams.

If you are interested in this study and would like to take part in a group, please get in touch with Caroline Wheeler;

Mobile: 089 480 4173 Email:

Closing date for current round of applications; June 26th, 2020.

We hope to run additional groups after this date. Enquiries welcome at any time.





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