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The Story of the iPad and Predictable App

A Small Device that brings Big Benefits

  • An iPad and Predictable app transform lives
  • Device is instrumental in maintaining social circle and network
Solving problems

The IMNDA helps people who have been diagnosed with MND/ALS in a variety of ways. It supplies mobility aids to those who cannot walk unaided, communication devices to those who cannot talk, and care packages to people who need assistance with personal or home care. (more…)

A Nurse’s Perspective

The past year has seen a lot of changes in our lives, but one service has remained steady and constant during all the chaos. Our Nursing Service.

Here, one of our fab four, Eithne Cawley speaks about nursing during the pandemic and the importance of our Sponsored Silence Campaign #Voice4MND.

She explores the symptoms and emotions associated with speech loss and how our services can help. (more…)

Five Ways for Carers to Practice Mindfulness

“Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean me first, it means me too,”   L.R. Knost

Staying well while supporting a loved one with MND takes real effort.  Oftentimes caregivers’ own needs get put on hold because of the demands of the condition.  The pandemic has also deprived families of key supports and social contact.  As the COVID-19 crisis rumbles on, self-care has never been more important for caregivers. (more…)

Research Mealtime Study

Are you the family carer of a person who has been diagnosed with MND?

Do you provide any assistance to a loved one to help them eat and drink?

Are you interested in taking part in a study exploring your experience of mealtime with your

family member who has MND?


AGM and Annual Conference 2019

The IMNDA is hosting it’s AGM and Annual Conference 2019 on Friday 4th October at the Hodson Bay Hotel, Athlone.

The Annual Conference  will feature a variety of speakers including a member of Professor Orla Hardiman’s MND Research team. Lunch will end the day’s formal business.

If you are interested in attending or would like to find out more please email or call Tracy on 01 873 0422.

Recharge Grant 2019

Do you know about our Recharge Grant? This amazing grant offers people with MND and their loves ones the opportunity to have a break from their usual routine and enjoy some quality time together. (more…)

New MND Information Booklet

We have recently put together a new information booklet called ‘An Introduction to Motor Neurone Disease (MND)’. This new booklet presents information on MND in simple terms and in a way that is easy to break down and understand. (more…)

Managing MND: The Impact of Cognitive and Behavioural Change

A Study Day for Healthcare Professionals

Managing MND: The Impact of Cognitive and Behavioural Change

The Motor Neurone Disease Research Group at Beaumont Hospital and Trinity College is developing an educational programme for Healthcare professionals treating patients and families of people with MND. (more…)

Behavioral Changes in MND: What Families Need to Know

Behavioural Changes in MND: What Families Need to Know

The Irish Motor Neurone Disease Research Group at Beaumont Hospital and Trinity College is developing an educational programme for families of people with MND.  The purpose is to help those affected by MND to recognize the thinking, behaviour and personality changes that can occur as part of the condition, to identify how best to understand these, to help those affected by these changes to manage problems that might arise, and to take care of their own health and wellbeing. (more…)

27th Annual International ALS/MND Symposium

27th Annual International Symposium for ALS/MND is coming to Dublin!

The International Alliance holds the Annual Alliance Meeting to provide a forum for member associations to meet and share advances in supporting people living with ALS/MND. (more…)

Findings from first National Audit of Neurology Services in Ireland published today highlight widespread deficits

Findings from the first published audit of neurology services in Ireland, launched on Tuesday 15th February 2016, point to widespread deficits in neurology services across the country. The audit, based on reports from each of the eleven neurology centres nationwide was carried out in 2015 as part of a joint collaboration between the Neurological Alliance of Ireland (NAI) and the Neurology Clinical Programme. (more…)

The 26th International Symposium of ALS/MND

The 26th International Symposium on ALS/MND will take place in Orlando, USA from 11 – 13 December 2015.

The International Symposium is the largest medical and scientific conference on MND/ALS. It is the premier event in the MND research calendar, attracting over 800 delegates, representing the energy and dynamism of the global MND research community.

To find out more about this event and to register to avail of the early bird option, please visit the MND Association

Withdrawal of Government Funding

The IMNDA is very disappointed not to receive funding this year from Pobal for the Association Visitor Programme.

We were relying on this funding to continue this programme as it performs a vital role in supporting those affected with Motor Neurone Disease across Ireland. It is very comforting to have someone available locally that can give you advice and support. This can help to reduce the sense of isolation that some people affected by this disease can experience. We will now struggle to continue to fund this vital programme. I know that other charities are facing a similar fate. As it stands we only receive 14% government funding and this is continually being cut, people cannot continue to suffer”.

More information on this story and other organisations affected by this decision