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Christmas Message from Michael Clancy

December 14th, 2020

Michael Clancy is one of our much loved IMNDA Ambassadors. Micheal is a Clare man living in Limerick. He has a little message to share with the MND Community over this festive period. 

I think, sometime in February or early in March, I must have been convicted of something and sentenced to house arrest for an undefined time frame. Either that or I got cast in a prison drama of sorts. The governor put me in isolation for the first few months. It eased a bit after that, until the crowd in “D Block” got caught with Hooch or Poitin and the whole place was put in lockdown.

It’s like there was a time warp or something. Meanwhile back in reality things have been a tad skouways this last number of months. Last March we were advised to:

  1. Wash your hands while singing Happy Birthday = twice
  2. Keep 2 Meters apart
  3. Wear a face mask
  4. If you were old or in a vulnerable group with an ailment (MND will cover that) then you should “ Cocoon”, whatever that is

I for one feel I have been extremely lucky, in that I have not been affected much by the “Pandemic”. Oh my balance and my mobility have gone back a little but my mind and my gob (voice) are still good. So all in all I am not much worse off than I was back in March 2020.

I wake up in the morning and throw the feet onto the floor to start a new day. I try to stay positive because to do otherwise would be calling on a whole load of trouble.

“Never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you” because if trouble wants to find you, for sure, you will not be able to hide. So stay positive and keep doing what you need to do.

Michael Clancy, Living with MND

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