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Thank you Charlie & Claire

April 12th, 2022

The monies raised by “Climb with Charlie” have simply gone beyond all expectations. We are just blown away by the level of support shown for Charlie and those who he represents, our MND community – those who simply face the greatest challenges imaginable, every day.

Through his Late Late Show appearances Charlie has so publicly exposed his raw humanity and vulnerability that simply touched the core of all our hearts and souls in way that we probably didn’t even know could happen to us – but in a strange way we all recognised it when it did. The outpouring of support through all the “Climb with Charlie” events simply demonstrated our collective humanity and vulnerability in a very public yet supportive way.  Without doubt, it was an experience that we will all treasure forever.

On behalf of all people living with MND, their families and carers and all who have lost someone to this disease, we want to thank Charlie and Claire,  and their supporters for all they have done in the last few months – not only have they raised so much money but more importantly they have “raised the roof” in creating  so much awareness of Motor Neurone Disease and highlighting the challenges that people face in dealing with this illness.

I met the most wonderful man, Tom, from County Clare who had travelled to Mayo that morning to be at the event.  He just sat at the base of Croagh Patrick and he told me

“I normally sit in the living room at home with nobody to talk to, nothing to look forward to and wishing for an end to this illness – but today, I’m here, in the sunshine, part of this great day and feeling fantastic”

From Tom, our team at IMNDA and all those with MND – thanks Charlie and Claire and all of you who shared in their vision.

Lillian McGovern


GM Charlie Sat 024

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