Cycle Across America for WWYC - IMNDA

Cycle Across America for WWYC

July 18th, 2019

Shane Maguire is following in Fr Tony’s footsteps and taking on a massive challenge to help raise awareness and funds for MND. Shane is currently cycling ACROSS AMERICA! This is over 5000km and here is why:

Cycling across America was a challenge that I always wanted to take on some day. I’ve always been drawn to the big sky landscape, and to the contrasting terrain of the dry, mountainous west to the more fertile, farmland of the Mid-West and East.
Back in 2012, I remember watching Colm Murray’s documentary MND, The Inside Track…..and like so many people across the country I remember being in complete awe of Colm’s determination, courage and dignity in the face of unimaginable inner turmoil and suffering as he confronted the realities of living with Motor Neurone Disease.

Fr. Tony Coote’s Walk While You Can campaign last year really has helped place MND back into the public consciousness and it just highlighted how grossly underfunded Motor Neurone Disease is in this country and the financial burden it places on families. The IMNDA rely on public donations for over 83% of their funding and we seem to be lagging behind other countries of similar size such as Scotland who currently have 16 full time MND nurses compared to four in Ireland.

The extraordinary example of people like Com Murray, Fr. Tony and others succeeded to stir something in me to get outside my comfort zone and do what I can while I can.

To support Shane and his incredible challenge please see his idonate page:

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