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Every year since 1997, the MND community worldwide has marked 21st June as the global day of recognition of ALS/MND – a disease that affects people in every country of the globe.
21 June is a solstice – a turning point – and each year the ALS/MND community undertake a range of activities to express their hope that this day will be another turning point in the search for cause, treatment and cure of this awful disease.

Global Day is important because it is one day that every member of the International Alliance has in common to reflect their dedication and role in the global fight against ALS/MND. This one day allows us to recognise that we are not alone in our fight against ALS/MND, and that patients, carers, former carers, scientists, health care professionals, volunteers and many, many others are all part of this fight.

To mark this very important day we want you to join us and Drink Tea for MND on this day or during the month of June.

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Everyone loves a cuppa especially in Ireland so why not organise an afternoon tea / coffee morning in your home, local pub, restaurant, GAA club, workplace, community centre, garden… anywhere in fact! We want as many people as possible drinking tea for MND throughout Global Awareness Month this June.

Tea packs, kindly sponsored by SuperValu, are available by emailing fundraising@imnda.ie or by calling the Fundraising Department on Freefone 1800 403 403. Order your Tea Pack today and let’s #DrinkTea4MND

If you are unable to organise a Tea Day why not simply Text MND to 50300 to make a small donation of €2 (Some network providers charge VAT, meaning a minimum of €1.63 will go to IMNDA. Service Provider LIKECHARITY 0766805278)


Thanks for your support!

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