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Drink Tea for MND!

March 1st, 2019

Put on the Kettle & let’s Drink Tea for MND!!!

The 21st June is MND Global Awareness Day. To mark this significant date, each June we ask people to hold a Drink Tea for MND event to help raise funds and awareness for people with Motor Neurone Disease.

Roy Taylor is this year’s Drink Tea for MND Ambassador. In 1988, he represented Ireland in Eurovision with his band Jump the Gun. They came 8th with the song ‘Take Him Home’. However, just over a year ago he received the stark diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease.

“I worry about not being around for my children and grandchildren. I’ve one leg and one arm that are much weaker now. And I’ve problems breathing. Going up stairs is really difficult for me,” said Roy.

Roy shares his story about life with MND in the hope that greater awareness will generate increased support for those living with this degenerative and debilitating condition.

“Unfortunately, I had to stop playing bass last October. But I still sing – I sit on a stool because I’ve respiratory problems,” said Roy.

To help support Roy and the MND Awareness month, we want you to Drink Tea for MND in June! So let’s all raise a cuppa and share the stories of over 370 families’ right across Ireland affected by this disease.

“Despite the huge challenge of living with a distressing illness that may end my life early, when I hear of Irish people gathering and having fun over a tea or coffee – to help people like me and our extraordinary caregivers – it brings joy to my heart. You have no idea how much it means to us,” said Roy.

Drink Tea for MND is a great way to gather round some friends and raise funds for people just like Roy.  Everyone loves a cuppa especially in Ireland so why not organise an afternoon tea / coffee morning in your home, local pub, restaurant, GAA club, workplace, community centre, garden… anywhere in fact!

Please join Roy this June and register now to hold a Tea Day. All you have to do is complete our Online Registration Form below and we will get a FREE Fundraising Tea Pack with all the essential items you need to host your very own Tea Party on their way to you! For more information please call Jackie or Gemma on 1800 403 403 or email fundraising@imnda.ie

So put on the kettle and let’s Drink Tea for MND!!

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