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Drink Virtual Tea for MND 2020

May 29th, 2020

Drink Virtual Tea for MND: Will you join us? 


There is no doubt that the global pandemic has changed our everyday lives. This year’s Drink Tea for MND is a very different but very exciting one. Although we are under the cloud of Covid- 19, we must adapt to these uncertain times. A recent survey by the Charities Regulator, showed that more than half of the 2,223 charities that responded say their finances were uncertain or in difficulty as a result of Covid-19. The IMNDA is no different with an expected 60% drop in fundraised income by year end.


As the only organisation in Ireland providing care and support to families affected by MND this will have a devastating impact. Today, there are more than 400 people living with this complex and cruel disease and they need our support and your support like never before.

 June is such an important month for our MND community. It is a month of global awareness, with June 21st being Global MND Awareness Day.

With so many of us working and staying at home, our kettles have been in full demand. One thing certainly hasn’t changed during this time and that’s enjoying a well-deserved cup of tea. Despite social distancing, we can still be together.

Whether it be a cup of tea during your zoom chat, a hot cuppa in the back garden with friends (all while social distancing of course) or a keep cup in the park, we would love you to join us for Drink Virtual Tea for MND.

To help support the MND community and spread MND Awareness this month we want you to support us on June 21st – or a date close to it – by hosting a Drink Virtual Tea for MND event.  It can be as elaborate or as simple as asking friends, family or work colleagues to support you by ‘purchasing’ tea, coffee or some delicious goodies from your Virtual Café Menu! 

So, why not pull up a seat at our virtual table? We would love you to join in. All you need to do is sign up right here. 

Roisin Duffy, IMNDA CEO



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