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Faces for Awareness Campaign 2022

June 3rd, 2022

Meet our Faces for this years National Awareness Campaign – Drink Tea for MND. This June we are once again raising awareness of Motor Neurone Disease (MND) over the radio, on social media and in the national and regional newspapers. We approached a number of people living with MND and asked them to share their stories in the hope of raising awareness as to how this condition affects them.

During the month, we also need to raise funds to support the services that we provide.  In order for you to help us to raise awareness of MND and raise funds for IMNDA, we are asking you to organise a Drink Tea for MND party. You can invite people to your home or garden, gather your colleagues at work or even get the whole community involved at your local Sports Club! We would like you to share your experiences of MND and spread the word of this condition to your local community.

Featured below are a number of people who are helping us out to raise awareness of MND this June and how it affects them; Mark Dignam from Offaly is fronting the campaign, he is the voice for the advert on national and regional media and he has shared his story. To read Mark’s story, please visit here

Mark For Website 300x300

Roy Taylor from Dundalk is another face for the campaign. Roy is a well known singer songwriter and member of the band Jump the Gun who represented Ireland in the Eurovision Song contest in 1988. Roy is helping us to promote the campaign on social media this year. He has recorded a support video and his Drink Tea Jingle that he recorded with his band Jump the Gun is also available for the campaign too. You can listen to it hear

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Margaret Mulvany is from Galway and lives with the husband Liam. She is also putting her face to the campaign for this year. Margaret has kindly put herself forward for national Media. For more on Margaret’s story, please visit here

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Todd Nugent from Mullingar is another face for the campaign for 2022. Todd can be seen pictured here with this dog Kai. This is Todd’s second year to take part in the campaign. He has three guiding principles “take things one day at a time, focus on what I can do as opposed to what I can’t. To quote the singer Bob Dylan; The slow one shall later be fast, the fast one shall later be last.”  For more on Todd’s story, please visit here.

Todd Nugent 225x300

Andy McGovern from Leitrim is also our face for this years campaign. Andy is a long standing member  of the IMNDA and he has done many campaigns for us over the years, he always puts his name to a campaign and willingly goes on radio to highlight MND  and how it affects him. Andy has also written a book about his life with MND and he reckons he is one of the longest survivors of MND in the world. To read about his life with MND and purchase a copy of his book please visit here.

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Denis Cagney from Dublin and he was diagnosed with MND on April 2020. He  was 67 and living a very active life, running, golfing, cycling and doing some part-time consultancy. He and his wife Margaret were retired and life was great. But he had a little weakness in his left thumb and he had a few falls when running so he went to get checked out. For more on Denis’s story, please visit here.

Denis Cagney

To get involved in the Drink Tea for MND Awareness campaign this June and organise your very own tea party, please visit here

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