Campaigning on your behalf

The IMNDA is committed to raising awareness and campaigning on issues and services for over 300 Irish people living with Motor Neurone Disease in Ireland. We are members of organisations such as the International Alliance of ALS/ MND, NAI – Neurological Alliance of Ireland and DFI – Disability Federation of Ireland who help us to campaign on issues that affect you.

Your experiences and those of others living with MND mean that we have first-hand knowledge of the reality of the disease.  We use this knowledge to speak out on your behalf and influence decision-makers at local and national level.  This ranges from communicating with the HSE and the Social and Voluntary sector in Dail Eireann, to ensuring that you are able to claim the allowances to which you are entitled.

The national IMNDA office produces a newsletter and organises an annual general meeting and monthly support meetings where people affected by MND offer each other emotional and practical support and exchange information.  Local fundraising events and activities also take place.

To find out more about the IMNDA and how we can help you, or to get your issues heard contact us by emailing  or Freefone 1800 403 403.

Other sources:

Neurological Alliance of Ireland

Did you know that over 700,000 people in Ireland are living with a neurological condition? The Neurological Alliance of Ireland (NAI) is the national umbrella organisation for groups representing them. For more information please visit


Neuronetwork is a pioneering website that is an ultimate guide to all the services provided by non-statutory neurological organisations. The site provides a one stop portal to all the services, events, publications and profiles of over 30 non statutory organisations nationwide. For more information please visit

+Recent Campaign - Medical Card and Local Elections 2014

In April of this year in the run up to the local elections, we wrote to all of our members with MND and asked them to bring the following issues to their local candidates as they came knocking on their doors.

We asked them to highlight a recent survey that was conducted by the NAI where it was discovered that people with Neurological conditions are affected in by the following:

  • 42% of people have had their Medical Cards withdrawn and half were refused a medical card
  • Two–thirds were affected by changes to mobility allowance and home care packages
  • Over 70% found it difficult or impossible to access respite care or personal assistance services
  • Half found it difficult or impossible to access physiotherapy, speech and language therapy or occupational therapy
  • Just one community team in the whole country provides local neuro-rehabilitation services vital to enable people to continue living in their own homes

What can you do to support your local neurological services? You can ask these questions to your local candidate when s/he calls to your door.

  • If elected what will you and your party do to improve local neurological services?
  • What will you and your party do to halt the continuing cuts to existing services and benefits and entitlements crucial in the everyday lives of people with neurological conditions
  • Will you sign up to the NAI pledge to support the developments of neurological services locally and nationally?

Remember the more people that address these issues will lead to better improved services for people with MND. Thanks for your help. From the IMNDA Team