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Give in Memory of Someone Special

The memorial website Much Loved provides the facility for people to set up a Tribute Page in memory of their loved one.This free service helps you to express your feelings about your loved one in words, pictures, music and even video. It can also help all those affected by the loss to come together, sharing memories & supporting each other.

Creating a tribute page is very easy to do and only takes a couple of minutes. You can personalise the design, add memories as well as invite friends & family to visit and contribute to the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association in memory of your loved one. At all times you retain total control over privacy and postings, plus your site is hosted online in perpetuity so that you can keep it as both a loving and a lasting tribute.  We hope that it helps you to remember & commemorate.

  • Simply go to and click on Create A Tribute
  • You can then add as little or as much information about your loved one as you like
  • You can make the page private or public
  • You will be asked if you’d like visitors to the page to make a donation to a charity, if you select Yes you will be able to select the IMNDA as your chosen charity. Simply type Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association in the search box when asked.
  • You can then personalise your page with photos, music, words and anything you else you feel is a fitting tribute to your loved one.


Alternatively one of the IMNDA fundraising team can set a page up for you and then hand it over for you to update. Please contact us if you’d like us to help: email or call 01 873 0422.

The tributes are here to help you as you try to cope with the pain of loss. They help you and your family and friends to express your grief, share your special memories and commemorate your loved one together, regardless of the time of day or where you live.

Much Loved believes that there is often a sense of reserve that accompanies death which can make grieving worse. It is almost as though death is unnatural, something best forgotten. We reject such a taboo and believe that positive recognition of loss and mutual support are key parts of grieving.

Through setting up a Tribute Page on Much Loved

~You can cherish and express your feelings about your loved one using words, pictures, music and video.

~You can use your website to enable family and friends to send their thoughts and you can invite them to contribute as well, maybe by adding a lovely picture you’ve never seen or a special story you’ve never heard.

~You can keep your tribute access totally private to just you and selected family and friends, or choose to allow public access. The privacy of your site is completely handed over to you.

~You can record and keep your own private bereavement diary and listen to your own personal music play list.


~You can use your website to pass on information about the death, the funeral, anniversaries or other important occasions to your family & friends.

~You can use your website to collect and display donations to the IMNDA on their anniversary / birthday at Christmas or throughout the year in memory of your loved one.

~You can develop and keep a beautiful lasting record and legacy for your family and future generations.