Support our Nursing Service

 The IMNDA employees 3 full time qualified MND nurses

  • They help families come to terms with this shattering diagnosis
  • They drive hundreds of miles a week to visit people affected by MND in their own homes
  • They are at the end of a phone to answer questions and give advice
  • They educate Health Care Professionals so the best care can be provided in their local community
  • Our nurses made 554 home visits to people like Andrew across Ireland during 2015
  • In 2015 the nursing service cost the IMNDA €148,976
  • In 2016 the nursing service will cost the IMNDA approximatey €225,000
  • The IMNDA receives no state or HSE funding towards the nursing service, it’s funded entirely by public donations and fundraising activities by people like you.

Can you help us sustain our crucial nursing service so people like Andrew have vital expertise and care to turn to?

We make Andrew’s life easier to live

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Andrew is 33 years old and was diagnosed with MND in February 2015. Two years ago he cycled 150km for charity. Now he struggles to walk to the letterbox at the end of the driveway.

“I had just finished building my family home when I was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. I had been helping the builders lift and lay blocks. Two years later, I can barely lift my cup of tea. My MND Nurse, Eithne, is available when I get scared or need to know something, answering questions and giving advice and guidance. She was there from the start and she will be there until the end”, Andrew Brennan



Help us today 

The IMNDA is inviting you to make a real difference to people living with Motor Neurone Disease.  This sponsorship scheme will enable the IMNDA to provide the service of a dedicated nurse specialist in your local area.

Why Support the MND Nursing Service?

The IMNDA is a small organisation that receives minimum funding from the government.  We have a huge dependency on our community to help to make our work possible.  Because the government won’t help, we need your help in order to continue providing the vital service of nurse specialist to the MND community.

€10 a month – Helps provide immediate specialist nursing support for someone coping with a diagnosis of MND

€21 a month – Provides 6 home visits by one of our nurses to a family affected by MND

€50 a month – Pays for one family’s support and care from one of our nurses throughout their journey with MND

IMNDA Nurse Standing Order Form  Tax Relief Form For Donations