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Do Your Own Thing

The services provided by the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association are absolutely vital to families in Ireland whose lives have been affected by Motor Neurone Disease. We are a small organisation that depends heavily on fundraising and donations which make up 85% of our income so we are grateful for any fundraising you can do.

We are always looking for new donors, fundraising initiatives and supporters who want to ‘Get Involved with the Association’ and help in any way, big or small!

Please visit the Fundraising Ideas page to assist you in your fundraising endeavours.

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Get Active for your Association / Organise an Event

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You can be sponsored for practically everything, whatever your age or level of fitness there is a fundraising event for you! You could:

  • Walk, Run, Swim, Cycle or even try something more daring like Skydiving
  • Simply find an event near you that you’d like to do, enter, and then let us know so we can support you with a sponsorship pack

Holding your own event is a great way to get everyone together, have some fun and raise some money. You could organise:

  • A Pub Quiz, Race Night or Talent Contest
  • Or why not try a Golf Day, Cake Sale, Coffee Morning or Bag Pack?
  • If you’re feeling really ambitious, aim high and hold a fundraising Auction, Soccer Match, Charity Night or Ball
  • Ask your family and friends to get involved and use their skills and network of contacts to help you plan and raise awareness of your activity

Registering your event

IMNDA is regulated by the Charities Regulator, therefore we must ensure that all our ‘Third Party Fundraisers’ agree to be bound by the rules laid out by this governing body. It is vital that we know about your event! For more information visit our Compliance Statement.

Prior agreement MUST be obtained from the IMNDA before any individual, group or organisation undertakes any fundraising activity, i.e. please register your event here or contact the IMNDA office on 01 670 5942 or by emailing

We need to know that people are collecting money in our name for a number of reasons. Unfortunately there are people out there collecting under false pretenses so if we are aware of all fundraising carried out by our true and honest supporters we can protect us and you.


We do ask that in line with the Charities Regulator Guidelines, all our community fundraisers read and sign the IMNDA Fundraising Agreement. If it is the first time you have fundraised for us we will need a photo or copy of Photo ID and a proof of address.

As Event Organiser please register your event below which requests some basic information on you and your event.

On completion of the Register Your Event form we will email you the Fundraising Agreement to complete and sign.

Thank you so much for your support and co-operation.

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How we can support you in your Fundraising

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Please contact the IMNDA for any help and advice or to discuss any ideas you may have.

We can provide you with the following promotional material for your event as required:

  • T-shirts
  • Posters
  • Balloons (to be used indoors only)
  • Sponsorship cards
  • Collection Buckets
  • Lodgement slip for proceeds raised
  • The IMNDA logo (via e-mail)

The IMNDA can provide a letter on headed paper confirming that you are indeed collecting money and/or raffle prizes for us and we can also help you with permits if you are collecting money in a public place. The regulations are getting stricter now for charities regarding fundraising so we would really appreciate your assistance with this.

NB: Where all of the proceeds of a fundraiser are not coming to the IMNDA (e.g the funds are been split between the IMNDA and the local Hospice) this MUST be made clear when registering and advertising the event. It is essential to provide complete transparency when fundraising and let your supporters know where the money they donate is going.

Online Sponsorship – it’s quick and it’s easy!

Online Fundraising Pages

Fundraising online has always been a convenient way of collecting money instead of or as well as traditional methods like bucket collecting or using sponsorship cards.

The IMNDA is registered with and

It’s very easy to create your fundraising page following the step by step instructions. Be sure to select the IMNDA as your charity and check if we have the event that you are taking part in created already (options will come up when you select us), if not you can create your own thing but please make it clear as to what it is and the date it is happening.

The more information the better; make your page reach out to people by telling your story and why you are doing what you are doing for the IMNDA. People are always much more likely to give…or give more!!!

Now you just e-mail the link for your page to everyone that you think might like to sponsor you and don’t forget to share it on your Facebook and Twitter pages.  It takes less than 5 minutes, and hey presto your fundraising page is live for all to see and donate to.
Now you can just sit back and watch the sponsorship roll in!! The monies raised will be transferred straight through to the IMNDA’s bank account.

Facebook Fundraising

Facebook now offer a Fundraising Tool. You can ask for donations leading up to your birthday and also set up fundraisers for an event you are organising or taking part in.  It is a really simple, free and easy way to fundraise. The IMNDA however does not receive notifications from Facebook when fundraisers are set up so it would be very helpful if you could let us know if you are fundraising this way!

The benefits to you are:

  • Minimal effort for you – 5 minutes to set up the fundraising page and send out the e-mail
  • You can keep letting your friends and family know how you are getting on
  • No sponsorship cards
  • No counting cash
  • No chasing cash from sponsors
  • No storing or lodging of cash
  • Ability to reach sponsors overseas
  • Ability to over achieve on your fundraising target – your page is still there for potential sponsors when you have stopped actively fundraising, or even after your event!!

By online fundraising you are also helping the IMNDA because:

  • Fees can be incurred by the donor at their choice, most choose to do this!!!
  • Funds raised by you go directly into the IMNDA’s bank account
  • It’s more efficient because the IMNDA can track your fundraising income in real time online
  • It’s time friendly as we don’t need to count money and lodge to our bank account

Use of the IMNDA’s Name & Logo

Please consult with the IMNDA for any printed material, advertisements, media materials and press releases associated with the event. We will happily provide you with a high resolution version of our logo so you don’t have to copy it from other sources.

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Carrying out a collection? Check out our important checklist…

  1. Firstly, please contact us to let us know what you are planning within plenty of time of your proposed collection date.
  2. You will then need to get permission from your wherever you plan on holding your collection; the local shopping centre, supermarket or church
  3. You need a permit from your local Garda Station if you are collecting in a public place e.g. the street, church gates or a shopping centre. The IMNDA can also apply for the permit on your behalf if you prefer. Just email or call 01 670 5942.
  1. We will send out secure tamper proof collection buckets with IMNDA stickers along with the following items, which all collectors will need, at all times during the collection:
    1. Written Authorisation
    2. A copy of the collection permit (when a permit is required)
    3. An IMNDA Hi-Visibility vest which clearly states our charity number
    4. An ID badge stating collectors name
  1. All collectors must be a minimum of 14 years old and we recommend collecting in pairs for safety reasons
  1. Please ensure that the collection box is never too full and that it is emptied regularly with a designated person/s responsible for the money
  2. Please ensure when counting the funds raised from the event that you do so in the presence of another person to avoid discrepancies
  3. Please keep the funds in a secure environment until it is possible to bank the money
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Thank you for your co-operation and support

Get Social

Please remember to share your fundraising activity via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to help spread the news and encourage support and donations.  Always tag us so we can share through our own social networking channels to help spread the word.

You can also share your online fundraising page on your social media pages and ask your friends and family to do the same; the more awareness the better!

Forwarding the proceeds to IMNDA

Thank you for all your hard work and efforts. To comply with auditing requirements and to safeguard the integrity of the organiser, it is required that at least two people are involved in the counting and remitting of the proceeds from the event.

All net proceeds must be submitted to the IMNDA within 30 days of the conclusion of the event. This requirement is also necessary to comply with collections held under An Garda Siochana permits.

  • When you have collected money the most efficient way to get it to us is to lodge it into any AIB bank in Ireland
  • We will always send you a lodgement slip with your fundraising pack for ease with your event and your contact details written on
  •  If you lose your slip you can contact us for another or go along to your local AIB and fill out one of their lodgement slips with the following information:

Sort Code: 93-13-14 and Account No: 07725002. In the reference please write in the name of the fundraiser; e.g. ‘Flora Mini Marathon’, ‘Birthday Party’, ‘Donation’ or ‘Sky dive’ etc and remember your name and address on the back of the slip. Please include all your details on the lodgement slip – this is so important!

  • You can also lodge the funds into your local post office, please ring or email us to let us know the date you lodged and the amount or forward the receipt to us otherwise we won’t know where it has come from.
  • Lastly you can forward monies directly to our office as a postal order, draft or cheque made payable to ‘IMNDA’ and sent to IMNDA, Unit 3, Ground Floor, Marshalsea Court, 22/23 Merchant’s Quay, Dublin 8. Please do not send cash in the post.
  • Don’t forget you can also fundraise online by setting up a fundraising page on or, this way no lodging is required, the money is automatically transferred into the IMNDA account… hassle free!

Sending Photos and Feedback

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We’d love to see photos of your event or hear about any media coverage that you may have received – if you like we can post a photo up after your event on the News section of our website.

Please email photos/articles to:

Cheque Presentations

We would love to thank all our wonderful fundraisers and supporters in person but unfortunately it isn’t always possible. We are a small team and can’t always attend events and cheque presentations but that doesn’t mean we don’t hugely appreciate your mammoth efforts! We often call upon one of our committed Community Volunteers across Ireland to represent the IMNDA depending on the area and their availability. 

If you would like to undertake your own cheque presentation we’d be delighted to send you one of our IMNDA branded presentation cheques then post the photo up on our website to make it official.

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Public Liability Insurance

We highly recommend all fundraisers take out their own Public Liability Insurance particularly for larger scale events or those which involve ‘riskier’ activities!

Non-produced or third party events (where volunteers like you arrange the event) are deemed “uninsurable” for a charity to cover as the charity is not in control of the event and therefore cannot protect the event from negligence.

Some insurance companies like BHP offer one off event policies for a small fee 

If you are organising a sporting event such as a cycle, run etc you can try and link up with a cycling club, your local sports partnerships ( or athletics club as that way you will be covered under their public liability insurance.