Regional Fundraising Group

Regional Fundraising Groups are a fantastic way to support the IMNDA.  And joining a regional fundraising group is great as you get to spend time with other like-minded people and have fun!   What activities does the group carry out?

Organise fundraising events as a team, such as pub quizzes, charity balls to name but a few.  Help out at IMNDA events in your area.  Represent the IMNDA  at cheque presentations and other supporters’ events.  Promote the charity and our events in your region.  Promote IMNDA awareness

As Regional Groups are very important to us, we offer a range of benefits to help each group be as successful as possible: Support and advice from our Regional Development Officer.  Help with promotion and communicating your event.

Regional Fundraising Groups usually meet once a month to discuss and plan their fundraising activities. These meetings are 1-2 hours long and take place in the evening, as many of our group members work full time. You may also spend time outside of these meetings organising things for your future events. On the day of the event you will help set up and run the event. The amount of time you spend conducting these activities depends on your role within the group and how much free time you can contribute. What skills or experience do I need?

To be involved in a Regional Fundraising Group, you do not need any specific experience. We need people who are enthusiastic, reliable and have a passion for supporting the IMNDA.

If you do have any special skills or experience we would love to benefit from them and this could help determine what role you take on within the group!

Why should I join a Regional Fundraising Group?

Being involved in Regional Fundraising has many benefits:

  • Utilise your talents
  • Learn new skills
  • Meet like-minded individuals
  • Raise awareness in your community
  • Raising money for the IMNDA
  • Have some fun!

Three ways to get involved in a Regional Fundraising Group

Join an existing Regional Fundraising group

The IMDNA have a fantastic network of Regional Fundraising Groups who represent the IMNDA in their community and hold fundraising events throughout the year.  Groups are a fantastic way to support and raise awareness of the IMNDA.   Getting involved in a Regional Fundraising Group is great as you get to spend time with other like-minded people and have fun!  You can either start a group in your area or join one of our existing groups who would like new members.

Start a group with friends and family

We have found that groups that are started by friends are very successful. All you need is three or four friends (or more!) who could start the group with you. You get to have fun, raise money for the IMNDA and it’s a good excuse to spend more time with your friends!   So, if you and your friends can spare a few hours a month and would like to spend more time together for a good cause, why not start a Regional Fundraising Group for the IMNDA

Start a group with other volunteers in your area

If you would like to start a group in your area and would like our help to recruit more fundraising volunteers please get in touch. If there are enough fundraising volunteers in your area to start a group then we’ll have a meeting.

If you’d like to enquire about Regional Fundrasing contact us / 081 873 9422 /