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Guide to IMNDA Services

The IMNDA provide a range of services to those living with MND. Once a client is registered with the Association these services are available free of charge regardless of the clients geographical location or financial means. The services include:


The IMNDA can assist with payment to cover a maximum of six sessions of counselling to clients suffering from MND. The Association can also assist with payment to cover a maximum of six sessions of counselling to an immediate family member or caregiver of a client suffering from MND.

The Association is not affiliated with any one psychotherapist, counsellor or counselling service. The Association maintains a database of counsellors as recommended by members of the multi-disciplinary team and the IACP (Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).

MND Nurse Service

The Association directly employs 5 MND Nurses who are available to provide telephone support and home visits to registered clients. They act as a central point of contact between the client, the community healthcare team and the hospital healthcare team. The nurses work closely with the healthcare teams throughout the country and provide education on the management of MND to individuals or community teams.

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Equipment Loan Service

The IMNDA provide a range of specialised pieces of equipment on loan to our registered clients when the equipment is not available through the HSE or will take too long to get from the HSE. The equipment includes but is not limited to: wheelchairs (powered and manual), hoists, riser recliners chairs, shower chairs, profiling beds (single & double), communication aids and environmental controls.

We can only accept requests for equipment from the relevant health care professional and do not accept equipment requests from family members.

Information Resources

The IMNDA operates a Freephone Helpline 1800403403 – please let us know if you or your team require additional information on dealing a diagnosis of MND. We have information booklets that we can send out or we can arrange an information and educational support meeting with our team and nurses.

End of Life Night Nursing

The IMNDA is in a position to provide funding for up to 5 nights of night nursing at the end of life stage of the disease. This is to be used as a top up to the nights available through the Irish Hospice Foundation. Requests for this service must be received from the palliative care team in conjunction with the MND Nurse.

Home Care Grant

The IMNDA can provide funding of up to €120 per week. This payment is designed to act as a top up to HSE funded home care hours when the HSE hours are not sufficient to provide the level of care that is required for the client. This service must be signed off on by one of our MND Nurses.

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