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How to Order Equipment

Equipment can only be requested for registered MND clients by the relevant healthcare professional and they must sign an IMNDA Requisite Form confirming the details of the piece and its suitability for the client.

If you require a piece of equipment for a registered MND client and it is unavailable through the HSE (eg. client has no medical card) or if it will take too long to get through the HSE the equipment can be requested through the IMNDA.

In order to check what equipment is currently available:

  • Contact a member of the services team in the IMNDA office on 01 8730422 or email
  • We will email a list of the equipment type (eg. power wheelchair) currently in stores with detailed descriptions of each item
  • The healthcare professional will choose the most suitable item on the list and notify the services team of the equipment ID number
  • The services team member will then email a requisite form to the healthcare professional which must be printed, signed and faxed back to the IMNDA office
  • The services team member will then organise delivery of the equipment to the client

If you have received the equipment list and there is nothing on it suitable for the client, the IMNDA may be in a position to fund a new piece of equipment. In this instance, you must get quotes for the required equipment from 3 suppliers and submit these to the services team. We will then review the quotes and make a decision regarding availability of funding. The quotes must show a description of the product and the price. Quotes can be submitted by email, fax or post.

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