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Just Diagnosed

If you or someone in your family has recently been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease it is likely that you are experiencing many confusing and confronting emotions. Good quality information and support from people who understand MND is vital at this time. The MND community is extensive, committed and immensely supportive.

Your Consultant Neurologist or GP will have advised you to contact the IMNDA and also your local services provided by the HSE or your local health centre. Services vary from area to area. If you are not sure of your local health office, talk to your GP as they will be able to guide you and ensure you can access the services you need or check the HSE website, services near you section http://www.hse.ie/eng/services/maps

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MND affects people in different ways and we never forget that everyone is an individual with unique needs, fears and anxieties. Below is a list of professionals that can help and what they can help with (they can be hospital or community based)

  • Occupational Therapist (OT) – Everyday activities /home environment
  • Speech & Language Therapist (SLT) – Swallowing food and drink, Speaking, Coughing (can also contact GP for coughing)
  • Dietician – Nutrition including weight loss, lack of appetite
  • OT or Physiotherapist – Mobility (e.g. walking, climbing stairs)
  • Social Worker – Support for you & your family
  • Public Health Nurse (PHN) – Community Nurse
  • Palliative Care Services/ Hospice – Support with symptoms management

Why register with the IMNDA?

When you register with the IMNDA you can automatically avail of the below services free of charge:

  • Support from our national team of MND nurses
  • Access to specialised equipment on a loan basis to all clients once recommended by your OT, SLT, PHN, MND Nurse
  • A home care grant to clients on the recommendation from their IMNDA Nurse
  • Counselling sessions for the client and one other member of their family
  • Information Sheets (available to download here)
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The IMNDA is dedicated to working on behalf and supporting people living with MND, their families and caregivers. Whether yourself or someone you know has been diagnosed with MND our information services can make a real difference in how you cope going forward. We work closely with local service providers to ensure you get the care and support you need.

You can register yourself or a healthcare professional / family member can register on your behalf once your consent is given. Registration is free and your details are completely confidential.

When you contact the IMNDA, freefone 1800 403 403, to register we ask for a small amount of details (contact details, date and place of diagnosis and symptoms) for our registration form.

Once this is completed, one of our MND Nurses will aim to contact you within 2 weeks unless you request no contact.