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Marty Gets Iced for Motor Neurone

August 31st, 2014

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Marty Morrissey has finally taken on the Ice Bucket Challenge! He did it today at the interval of the Dublin Donegal match which took place in Croke Park and the chunks of ice were massive! Good man Marty, fair play to you.

He nominated the staff of Croke Park to take on the challenge!! Thanks to all the staff there for organising Marty’s one, we are sure you are delighted with the comeback!

Donations are still coming in from the Ice bucket challenges that are taken place up and down the country and being feed onto social networks. We in the IMNDA are sincerely grateful to all of you out there who continue to make donations towards the organisation. It is extremely heart-warming for people who have this condition to know that there is such a massive amount of support out there for them. This is something that both people with the condidtion and the staff of the IMNDA will not forget.

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