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MND, Self-Isolation and Me (Mairead Coleman)

April 2nd, 2020

Mairead Coleman is living with MND and can no longer speak. Mairead was our Sponsored Silence Ambassador in 2019 and what a formidable one she was!  We are so grateful for the awareness she has generated for people living with MND. She is one of the most positive, focused and caring people we know. She has a unique ability to see the good in everything.

So, we asked Mairead how she is getting on during these difficult times.

Over to you Mairead…

Mairead Coleman



I’ve been staying at home now for 3 weeks, no visitors allowed at any time, family or friends etc.

Michael my husband has been doing any necessary shopping etc since then. His company decided to take all reps off the road so he’s been working from home for the last two weeks.  Hannah my daughter is home from college also.

For me, I’m quite enjoying having Michael and Hannah at home with me albeit Michael is busy working and Hannah is doing college assignments.

I’m still able to prepare meals so we all sit together at mealtimes. In the evenings,  we enjoy watching TV or movies and chatting to each other.  

I potter around the house and do a few easy chores each day. The weather is great at the moment which makes being at home a whole lot easier.

I keep in touch with my family through Skype. For me its great that I have a medium where I can still communicate by typing (I can no longer speak due to MND) and my family can chat away and seeing them especially my Mum and Dad, knowing they’re ok is comforting.

I keep in touch with my friends through WhatsApp and text. We have little friend groups on WhatsApp and we share funny stories and videos etc. This keeps us all in good humour.

I’m usually a very social person so before Covid-19 I would have met with family and friends a couple of times a week.  I quite enjoy having this time to myself at the moment.  Its lovely not having to be anywhere at a certain time or place such as appointments etc. I feel more relaxed and rested and I’ve realised that I needed time out, so I’m enjoying it very much. 

We all have to do our part to slow down and stop the spread of the Coronavirus.  Its frightening to see and hear all the stories where the virus has taken family members, friends and loved ones so we must take the advice of the health professionals and our government and keep our fellow country folk safe and well.

This won’t last forever so let’s all join together, stay at home, enjoy your family.  Take time to rest and recharge. 

Thank you to all the medical staff who are working so hard to save patients and putting their own lives at risk. Thanks to all the people who we don’t see, working away in the background,  in offices, shops etc.

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