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MND, Self-Isolation and Me (Roy Taylor)

April 16th, 2020

We knew when we asked Roy Taylor about his experience in self isolation that he would put a smile on our faces. Roy is a huge ambassador for IMNDA, all the MND community and a dear friend. He was last years ambassador for Drink Tea for MND and continues to create huge awareness for us. Roy is in self isolation in his home in Dundalk and shared with us how it’s all going..

Roy Taylor 25

Are you familiar with the children’s nursery rhyme “ How much is that doggy in the window ?” it’s a little bit like that. Since the lockdown, family and friends just come to the window and we chat for a few minutes. The rest of the time we would FaceTime. I’m also continuing to write songs and even a little bit of poetry. I also love the fantastic humour that’s out there, in the form of all the WhatsApp very funny videos I receive. They really do help keep a smile on your face. I also find it quite funny watching everybody and their dog doing fitness videos from their kitchen, trying to tie us all in knots while we’re isolated! I would also like to see these big music megastars dip into their pockets rather than their songbook collection from their living rooms. I can’t help feeling they are self promoting rather than self isolating!

I’m also very lucky to have my son Terence with me. So we have fun coming up with new cooking recipes each day. He does the physical work and I shout out the instructions! For example, tonight we are having an isolation special, spicy chicken noodles in satay sauce! So come on, who wouldn’t like to be isolated with us!

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