NAI Release Statement on SSNO Funding

Neurological Alliance of Ireland welcomes today’s decision to extend SSNO funding but warns that once again this is a temporary reprieve, not a solution. 

The Neurological Alliance of Ireland, the umbrella for charities supporting the 700,000 Irish people living with neurological conditions welcomes the extension of funding to twelve neurological charities until June 2016.

The charities involved were facing severe cuts and in some cases complete closure this June in a repeat of last summer’s events which saw the withdrawal of funding to ALL the neurological charities which were on the SSNO funding scheme to support national voluntary organisations.

Mags Rogers, Development Manager with the Neurological Alliance said today “This is a sensible decision from Government in recognising the critical need for the services provided by these twelve neurological charities.However, the funding has only been extended to June 2016 which means further uncertainty and no permanent solution in place which means that these charities once again face an uncertain future and there is no guarantee for people with neurological conditions and their families that these services will be available after June 2016”.

The NAI also commented on the huge pressure and burden that months of uncertainty had placed on the charities affected “The charities involved were subjected to two different reviews and months of uncertainty, including calls from very vulnerable people who were anxious about continuing to receive services. Charities have been sidelined into spending significant time and effort in seeking to have the funding extended, time that should have been available to concentrate on supporting people with neurological conditions and their families”.

While the Neurological Alliance welcomes the Ministers decision today, it is at pains to stress that a long term solution must be found to funding these vital services and it will continue to campaign on this issue in the lead up to a general election.


List of Neurological Charities Impacted by the Withdrawal of Funding under SSNO funding scheme

Neurological Alliance of Ireland

Acquired Brain Injury Ireland

Migraine Association of Ireland

Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland

Alzheimer Society of Ireland

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland

Muscular Dystrophy Ireland

Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association

Huntingtons Disease Association

Chronic Pain Ireland

Irish Heart Foundation

Post Polio Support Group


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