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More News on the Medical Card Debate

June 18th, 2014

The IMNDA welcomes the recent announcement by Health Minister, James Reilly that more than 15,000 medical card holders are set to have their discretionary medical cards returned within weeks under new proposals brought to Cabinet.

The IMNDA was concerned that discretionary medical cards would not be returned to people with Motor Neurone Disease and that would increase the financial burden on people with the disease. However it seems that the agency will go back as far as July 2011 and return cards to people affected. A full press statement from the HSE can be found on this link:

We would like to take the opportunity to thank people who raised the issues at their own doorsteps with their local politicians.

The IMNDA works closely with the NAI to raise issues on neurological conditions – if you are affected by the recent issues surrounding medical cards, you can click through to this link and fill out the questionnaire from the NAI. Remember today the 18th June is the closing day to complete this.

If anyone has any concerns around the medical card you can contact the HSE on 1890 252 919

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