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Patients Deserve Better

June 13th, 2022

The Neurological Alliance of Ireland (NAI), is holding a briefing in the AV room for Oireachtas members about our Patients Deserve Better campaign for 100 neurology nurses and we would welcome your participation. The briefing will provide an update on the campaign to date and our asks in the lead up to the forthcoming Budget.

DATE: Wednesday, 15th June.

TIME: 2pm to 3pm.

PURPOSE: We are calling on Oireachtas members to support our call to significantly increase the number of nurse specialists in neurology over the next five years, starting with Budget 2023.

WHERE: The briefing will take place in the AV room. A photocall will take place following the briefing.

The NAI brings together 30 non-profit organisations to advocate for the rights of 800,000 people in Ireland living with a neurological condition.

In October 2021, the NAI launched our Patients Deserve Better campaign to highlight the need for more nurse specialists in neurology. According to Irish and international best practice guidelines, we have an overall shortfall of 100 nurse specialists across neurology services. Nurse specialists in neurology are key to tacking waiting lists for neurology services which now stand at over 24,000. To date the campaign has received strong support from Oireachtas members in its series of regional launches around the country.

The briefing will be led by Magdalen Rogers, NAI Executive Director. Patient advocates and representatives from the medical profession will also make contributions.

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