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Practical Advice

In response to COVID-19 a new integrated national home-based service for MND has been established to ensure people with MND continue to receive excellent care. This new team, led by Professor Hardiman, is made up of specialist doctors and nurses from the national MND service in Beaumont Hospital and Cork University Hospital and also the team in IMNDA. Together they will provide home visits throughout the country.

The team will comprise of:

  • 3 consultants
  • 4 Registrars
  • 6 nurses, and
  • a specialist physiotherapist.


A designated emergency phone number and email has also been set up should you have urgent queries regarding your own health and individual needs. Both points of contact will be monitored by the team mentioned above who will endeavour to respond to your needs as quickly as possible. Please note you can also reach out to your designated MND nurse during normal working hours.

 Emergency Phone No (Monday – Friday 4pm – 9am & 24 hrs Sat & Sun)

  • Call 087 4393213

 Emergency Email for Covid – 19/MND Advice:



As part of the latest emergency measures in the fight against Covid-19 the Government has introduced “cocooning” to help protect the most vulnerable in society. Cocooning is a measure to protect people who are over 70 years of age or those who are extremely medically vulnerable by minimising all interaction between them and others.

Everything you need to know about cocooning is right here. Additional information is also available from the HSE on at risk groups and cocooning here. 



A Covid-19 information booklet is being circulated to every household in the country.

The guide offers information about Ireland and Covid-19 including how the government is responding, the symptoms of Covid-19 and how you should self-isolate if showing symptoms.

It can be found right here covid-19-information-booklet

Additional to this publication, a useful booklet has been released to help younger children understand. It’s right here, Covid – 19 Resource for Younger Children

There is also an easy read version of the Public Information Guide on Covid 19 (Coronavirus) and audio resources. They can be found right here.