Psychosocial Care for People with MND

For Healthcare Professionals and Service Providers

IMNDA in collaboration with MND Centre Beaumont Hospital, Our Lady’s Hospice and Irish Hospice Foundation have assembled the following information to support healthcare professionals and service providers when working with people with MND.

Online Course: Psychosocial care for people with MND

Psychosocial care is care that is concerned with the psychological and emotional well-being of the person with MND.  Everyone associated with the care of people with MND can offer psychosocial care. This resource explores the psychosocial challenges and approaches that can be used to address them. This online course has been developed by healthcare professionals in MND Centre Beaumont Hospital, Our Lady’s Hospice Care and Services and Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association. The Irish Hospice Foundation financed the development of this resource and All Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care supported the development.

To access this course please click on the following link to the AIIHPC learning platform.

Workshop: Psychosocial care for people with MND in a palliative care setting

Please find below presentation material from a workshop that was delivered in IHF premises in May 2014 called “Psychosocial care for people with MND in a palliative care setting”.

Video Resources: Personal Stories

You can read here people’s personal stories of life with MND

Research Resources: Useful References

Access some useful published Research References specifically relevant to support you in providing care for people with MND.

Other Useful Resources: International

MND Association Australia

  • Online course: MND Aware

MND Aware has been developed for healthcare professionals who are keen to improve their knowledge about the condition and its management. Please note that there may be some content which is only relevant in Australia and may not be relevant here in Ireland.

ALS Society Canada

  • Online courses: Helping children and young adults cope

ALS 411 (website based information) has been developed for children and young adults to gain knowledge about the disease and explore how to cope with the situation when a parent has been diagnosed with MND.