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Remembering Mums this Mother’s Day

March 11th, 2021

For most of us, Mum’s are like buttons. They hold everything together. They are constant in their care and support for us. Guiding us through life’s struggles and triumphs. Their love is an everlasting embrace that never stops or falters. Even when they are no longer with us.

In the lead up to Mother’s Day, three of our fabulous supporters share with us stories and precious memories of their Mums.

Linda Dillon from Meath lost her Mum Angela to MND in 2007:

Linda Family PicEveryone says that their Mum is the best Mum in the world and this is so true for all of us, as a mothers love for her children is unconditional and you don’t realise what you miss until your mum is no longer around to have a hug, kiss and to laugh together with her family.

Mammy was diagnosed with MND in Jan 2006 after some months of tests.  As a family we looked after her at home until she died on the 18th May 2007. (My 43rd Birthday).  While mammy’s mobility was fairly good up until near the end, she lost her ability to speak clearly in the early stages of MND and as a person who never stopped talking this was really hard for her.  But she wrote everything she wanted to say down in little notebooks. 

I kept all her notebooks and sometimes it is lovely to sit down and look through these books. You almost feel like you can hear her and you giggle as you remember special times with her.  Even though it is now 14 years, I don’t think a day goes by without Mammy’s name being mentioned. 


Orna O’Beirne lost her Mum Clare to MND in 2015:

Orna Her Mum 1024x1024The loss of our mum is something, I feel, we are never ready for. With Mother’s Day approaching, which also coincidentally, is close to Mum’s anniversary, I cannot help but think, of Mum.  There is not a day that goes by when she is not on my mind.  There are many memories, which I cherish.  She was a very loving person, and the love she had for her granddaughters, my nieces, was what gave her purpose throughout her illness.  She enjoyed seeing them grow to their respective ages, and whilst she may not be here to see them grow to be the wonderful girls they are today, I know she would be so proud of who they have become.  I tell my nieces, how she still lives on in their hearts. 

I look back at the simple treasures mum enjoyed.  Sitting at the dining table, and looking out as the sun set over the river – she never tired of seeing this simple gift from Mother Nature.  

To anyone currently on this journey of having a loved one with MND, I would say make the most of the time you do have, and be sure to hug and laugh often, and tell your loved one you love them.  These moments may be fleeting, but will be treasured in years to come. 


Claudia Fonteyne lost her Mum Sally to MND in 2008:

Her diagnosis was devastating but she managed to muster all the fight she had in her and made the most of the time she had. She went on a trip to New Zealand and went in a helicopter over the glaciers, and she kept playing music with her show band and singing with her choir until the end.

Even when she was out of breath and no longer had strength in her limbs, she still showed up just to be involved and to listen. She was amazing. My sisters, dad and I miss her so much.

Claudias Mum Sally 300x300


Although our Mum’s might not be with us at this time – it is always good to remember and share our cherished memories. If you have experienced a loss of a loved one to MND, and would like to mark their legacy, please see


Those we love remain with us, for love itself lives on, and cherished memories never fade because a loved one’s gone. Those we love can never be more than a thought apart, For as long as there is memory, they’ll live on in the heart ~ Mary Alice Ramish

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