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Roland Evans Releases The Marshlander Chronicles for MND

May 22nd, 2015

‘An intriguing environmental twist to dystopia’

Roland Evans Releases The Marshlander Chronicles for MND

Roland Evans had to retire from his post as a National School Teacher after he was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) 5 years ago. However, Roland did not let this stop him from achieving his dream of becoming an author as on June 4th 2015 he will release his first fantasy novel “The Marshlander Chronicles”. All proceeds from the sale of the book are going to the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association (IMNDA).

Since his diagnosis, Roland has lost all mobility, his hands and arms have weakened and he cannot lie flat or sleep without a breathing machine. He is dependent on his carers to get him up in the mornings, to wash and to dress him.

Roland grew up on the banks of the Boyne River and in winter it would over spill its banks. The area was rich in wildlife and after the waters retreated in spring, the rushes and reeds were ripe for childhood exploration. In 1969 the river was dredged and deepened and all this disappeared. The memory lingered and he began to imagine the marshes many thousands of times bigger and the book set on another planet was born.

What concerns him is that so many places of great beauty have been under threat, damaged or destroyed by vested interests and unaccountable Governments and corporations. The Marshlander Chronicles gives vent to these concerns in a fantasy world of great beauty.  Andersen Press called the book ‘An intriguing Environmental twist to dystopia.’

Roland hopes that his love of scenery shines through the book. Even if the reader isn’t yet a fan of fantasy, this story will draw the reader into a visual feast and refresh the human spirit.

The book will be launched in Dubary’s Bookshop in Blackrock Shopping Centre on June 4th at 6.30pm. The Marshlander Chronicles will be available shortly from the IMNDA Shop for €15 at

“I live a full life thanks to the IMNDA. Not only have they provided equipment promptly and ahead of time but they give expert timely advice and huge emotional and financial support. So that others may have the same support and so that vital research can continue, I am giving the full proceeds of the sale of my book ‘The Marshlander Chronicles’ to the IMNDA,” said Roland.

The Marshlander Chronicles

‘Water is our life. Without water we are slaves.’ The words of Solomon Drake rang in the ears of 14 year old Prins, citizen of Marshland, a wetland rich in animal and plant life. Prins is despised by his peers because of his physical weakness. The story opens with the arrival of CORE (the council for renewal and enlightenment) who want to persuade Marshlanders to sell their wooden houses on stilts so the marsh can be drained in return for gold. One of his tormentors, a representative of CORE, drops paper from his pocket. Prins has a secret. He can read, one of the few in his world who can….


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