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The Henley Mermaids

July 19th, 2021

The Henley Mermaids are a group of women connected by swimming and they are taking on the Bristol Channel from Ilfracombe in North Devon to Swansea in Waleson on 20th July.

If the Mermaids successfully complete the Bristol Channel, they will be the first women only team to complete it.

With a distance of 25 miles between Ilfracombe and Swansea (as the crow flies), the Bristol Channel is renowned for its strong tidal forces which could easily add 10+ miles onto the distance that the ladies will have to cover, not to mention the colder temperatures of the Irish Sea, possibly swimming in the dark, dealing with jellyfish, and all whilst swimming through busy shipping lanes of the Bristol Channel.

With lots of training to get done to rebuild fitness for this challenge, the ladies are excited and nervous in equal measures, but most of all are delighted to have the opportunity to raise much needed funds in collaboration with of which the IMNDA is absolutely delighted to be part of.

The very best of luck ladies and thank you so much for all you are doing for people living with Huntington’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Motor Neurone Disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

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