The Difference Your Donation Makes - IMNDA %

The Difference Your Donation Makes

The difference you could make

The IMNDA aims to alleviate frustration, fear and anxiety that is often felt by the whole family

We consistently support approximately 360 people with Motor Neurone Disease at any one time

Our services are immediate and free of charge


Why we need you

Your donations to the IMNDA matter more than you realise

Without fundraising and donations we would not be here

Over 82% of our income comes from people like you

Your contribution is ABSOLUTELY VITAL to families affected by MND

We can’t rely on the government for funding so we have to rely on you

Every bucket shook, every race ran, every Christmas card bought, every donation sent in, every table quiz held ensures a person who needs help gets it regardless of where they live in Ireland and their financial situation

For every 1 euro spent

on fundraising €6 euro is raised

78 cent of every euro raised goes directly towards services


Every donation and fundraising event makes a difference to a person living with MND

Here are a few examples of how your fundraising and donations could help

€10 a day – ensures someone with MND has all the equipment they need to live as independently and comfortably as they possibly can with this disease (On average €32,250 is spent on equipment for ONE of our clients over the course of their journey with MND and as specialised equipment is costly to purchase it is re-used on average by 3 people)

€21 a month – Provides 6 home visits by one of our nurses to a family affected by MND

€25 – provides one hour of home care

€50 a month – Pays for one family’s support and care from one of our nurses throughout their journey with MND

€60 – funds one counselling session for a person with MND or a family member

€100 – buys a call bell so someone who has lost their speech can still attract attention at home

€150 – pays for one person with MND to attend our annual conference and respite weekend

€250 – will purchase a lightweight manual wheelchair to provide independence for someone in the early stages of MND

€360 – funds a night nurse for one night for someone at the end stages of MND

€500 – buys a pressure relieving air cushion to ensure comfort when sitting for long periods in a wheelchair or armchair

€700 – funds an iPad with communication software so someone whose speech has deteriorated can still talk to their family

€800 – pays for a riser recliner armchair to help maintain a level of mobility for those who can no longer stand unaided

€1,000 – funds a shower chair so someone with MND can safely enjoy the simple pleasure of showering

€2100 – funds the installation of a vital stairlift so someone with MND can still sleep in the comfort of their own bedroom

€2500 – will buy a comfort wheelchair to give mobility as the disease progresses

€3000 – funds a portable hoist which means a carer can safely lift their loved one out of bed, a chair or the bath without injuring themselves in places other than their own home

€3000 – funds an air mattress which relieves pressure for someone with MND who can’t turn over in bed

€5000 – pays for an electric double bed so somebody with MND can still sleep next to their partner

€6,500 – buys a powered wheelchair so a person with MND can independently get around without relying on anyone else

€6,500 – funds a high spec communication aid to give someone back the ability to communicate with their loved ones

If you are a taxpayer your generous gift can go even further! A gift of €250 in one year can be worth an extra 31% to us at no extra cost to you.