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Volunteers urgently needed for MND Research

September 16th, 2020

The Academic Unit of Neurology of Trinity College Dublin need volunteers to take part in groundbreaking research of Motor Neurone Disease. This research, led by Prof. Orla Hardiman, aims to increase detection of the disease at early stages and improve the identification of new treatments.

To complete this research, we urgently need volunteers of any age above 18 years old, who do not have a blood relative with Motor Neurone Disease, to provide baseline measurements in a number of related research projects.

Volunteers will be asked to take part on one occasion with the option of later participating at further time-points. Taking part involves performing mental or movement tasks or relaxing while biological signals are recorded over the skin. While not essential, a small blood sample can also be provided to help Motor Neurone Disease research.

To hear more about the research or express an interest in participating, please email AcademicNeurology@tcd.ie or call/text 0894888697

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