Walk Where You Can 5K Challenge - IMNDA

Walk Where You Can 5K Challenge

April 27th, 2020

Following on from the success of Fr. Tony Coote’s phenomenal Walk While You Can campaign, and ahead of our Phoenix Park walk in September, we are hoping you will join our Walk Where You Can 5k Challenge!

During these difficult times, it is imperative for us to stay together by staying apart. Now more than ever, our MND families across Ireland need to feel supported because being in isolation, doesn’t have to mean feeling isolated.

80% of people with MND lose their speech but a communication aid like an iPad can become their voice. Supplying an iPad, with a specialised communication app, enables people with MND to continue to speak to the people they love as well as communicate with the outside world. It means we, the IMNDA, can reach out to them, keep them informed of any changes in our services and update them on the latest developments regarding MND and Covid-19. It also allows them to attend virtual clinics and keep in contact with our four essential outreach nurses.

Although we can’t walk together, we are still in this together and together we can continue to make a difference. #walkwhereyoucan

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